June 22, 2011

Just a Cell Phone?!

Behold the Celcius X VI II Watch Phone. Only 18 are being made, and it features a full torbillon watch visible on the front...inside however is a normal flip phone with a 3.2Mp camera! And what's the asking price i hear you shout? A mere $300,000!!! Does anyone REALLY like to talk on their cell phone that much?

And to shield the glare from the insanely expensive piece of bling you're talking into, try these Rich & Famous 'Baron' shades... a lot less expensive than the phone, believe me!!

June 20, 2011

If you can find a more expensive dress, let me know!

Ok, now this is probably the most expensive dress EVER sold... Marilyn Monroes iconic subway dress from the movie The Seven Year Itch just sold for a whopping $4.6 million!! Debbie Reynolds auctioned off part of her costume collection, gathered over the last 40 years, in Beverly Hills today, and this was by far the star of the show!! Again, only the very Rich & Famous need apply!
cheers with a safety pin,

June 16, 2011

not for the faint of wallet!

Looks very innocent doesn't it?
Well, this vintage kids electric Ferrari testerossa is up for sale at the minute for the whopping price tag of $24,500!!! only the VERY Rich & Famous should apply!

Love and saftey pins,

June 4, 2011

making music in style!

Pharrel's floating recording studio! The mastermind behind N.E.R.D. sure knows how to make music in style! Taking inspiration from the high seas, or maybe the multitude of bikini clad beauties that i'm sure pass from bow to stern, he can pull up at any beautiful waterfront in the world on this yacht...and what better way to watch the proceedings than from behind a pair of Rich & Famous 'Scout' shades?!