July 11, 2011

They upped their game...? Impossible!!!

Once again, Bugatti have managed to trump themselves again!
This time they managed to improve, yet again, the amazing Veyron!
This very limited edition is the Grand Sport L'Or Blanc, and is, according to Bugatti, the first car to have porcelain accents, including a caviar tray!! Built for a businessman in the United Arab Emirates who has a collection of around 800 cars ( Imagine not having to drive the same car for 2 years!! And I thought I was doing well with my iTunes Library!), at around $2.4 million it really is the ultimate car for only the extremely Rich & Famous!!
Enjoy the pics, as I have a feeling this is the closest most of us will get to this beast!

Love and Safety Pins,

July 7, 2011


Look at that! Simply beautiful... takes a lot of class and restraint for the Rich & Famous to have a pool and pool house like this... Having a garden by the pool too?! Judging by the landscaping, this is definitely a Rich & Famous persons house... maybe these R&F shades would help when you're lying out on a hot summer day!

July 4, 2011

Happy 4th everyone!

And what better way to celebrate than saluting your Robert Rauschenberg flag painting...it only set you back a couple of million...and you show just how Rich & Famous you are by hanging it in the guest bathroom!