September 26, 2011

Frock auction of the century!

One of the Richest & most Famous women to have ever walked the planet, Elizabeth Taylor, was well known for her Couture collection, and now it's going under the hammer at Christies. There will be a black tie event on December the 14th in which 68 of her most iconic looks will be auctioned off, followed by a 3 day event during which another 326 will be sold...surely only the Rich & Famous need apply!

September 21, 2011

Oh Ladies! (Men, run while you can!)

Ladies! Behold one of the most expensive shoes ever made! Crafted by designer Stuart Weitzman and jeweler LeVian the Tanzanite heels are crafted out of 185 carats of museum quality Tanzanite and 28 carats of diamonds! These babies will surely get you noticed amongst even the most Rich & Famous ladies about town! And the price tag? A cool $2,000,000! Yes, you really did just count six zeros there! WOW!!!

September 15, 2011

the getaway

Imagine you're at your Italian getaway, just you and your partner...The architects have just finished the renovation, changing the basement from  a dark, dank old cellar into an indoor pool...And now one that flows outdoors too! And if you want even more fresh air, Lake Como is at the end of the winding driveway!